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Football Training

All football players can stand to improve their game, especially if they want to increase their chances of success on the next level. Often times more personal attention is needed to focus on the player’s individual needs.

Players can play for a winning team with a great coaching staff but still need an expert to help them master the details of their position and individual assignments. 

The staff at B2G is full of former NFL and college players who all know what it takes to be a champion.  The B2G alumni list includes High School All-Americans, College All-Americans, NFL Pro Bowlers, and a Super Bowl MVP. Our staff also coaches our 7v7 club team who has won more tournaments than any other club in the country.

B2G offers group sessions and private training for players looking to improve specific weaknesses in their game. Our coaches provide the solutions needed to develop players using the following services:

Group Training-Instinct Training

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Provides the absolute best top competition at all positions in a group setting

Speed Training

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Shave seconds off any timed test of speed and learn how to play faster.

Group Training-Semi Private Training

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Focus on position specific drills. Minimum number per group is 3.

Private Skill Training

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Focus on the needs and weaknesses of an individual athlete.


  • Position Specific Skills
  • Footwork & Agility
  • Intense Competition


  • Improves Game Speed
  • Raises Football IQ
  • Builds Confidence

Our most successful clients use B2G coaches beyond Instinct Training. Check out our Private Training, 7v7 Tournaments and Battlefield pages for more information.